DCRM 5.0 Open-source released!

Check out your reward potential with the Fusion Staking Estimator

*1 Staking Ticket = 5,000 FSN Time-locked for 30 Days

Start staking in 2 simple steps


Set up a server

You can use nearly any VPS (Virtual Private Server) Provider to run a Fusion Node. Fusion has partnered with and recommends using AWS to set up your server. AWS is offering $1,000 in credit to AWS Professional Accounts who are running a Fusion node.*
*You must have a legitimate AWS Account ID to claim credits

Server setup guides:


Deploy your node to the Fusion Network

Connecting to the Fusion Network is a straightforward process with our easy-to-follow instructions. Once you've connected, all you need is 5,000 FSN and you can begin staking and earning rewards!

Node Deployment Guides:

Staking is only one way to extract time-value from your FSN tokens.

If you have less than 5,000 FSN, do not want to manage your own node, or even want to extract time-value out of your FSN tokens today, Fusion has an opportunity for you.