Earn FSN rewards by contributing to the strength of the Fusion Network. Anyone with a home computer can set up a node and begin staking their FSN tokens in a matter of minutes. Set-it and forget-it and start earning significant rewards whilst also enhancing the security of Fusion's network.
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Start staking in 4 simple steps


Acquire your FSN tokens from any of the centralized or decentralized exchanges.

For a simpler staking process please use one of the exchanges that support "Mainnet" FSN tokens.
You can check the list of exchanges & the type of FSN token it supports here.


Create a wallet using any of the following wallet applications:

Check out our video guide

Make sure you have FSN tokens on your wallet. If you have them on an exchange platform, send them to your Fusion wallet.

* Important note: Make sure the exchange you are using supports "Mainnet" FSN tokens


Choose one of the following staking options

We have prepared guides for setting up a node on the following operating systems

*The following Staking Pools are ran by community members, not by the FUSION Foundation.
Get more guides and info about mining fusion here.

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