DCRM 5.0 Open-source released!

DCRM 5.0: Designed for Adoption

The new module brings the possibilities of distributed  systems to organization for integration into any on-chain or off-chain workflow.

Distributed Key Generation

Private Keys that control assets are never revealed from the point that they are generated to the point that they are stored.  This unparalleled security protects assets stronger than any secret sharing scheme.

Distributed Transaction Signature

Transactions are executed with the joint agreement of the nodes and can be tailored to set minimum number of signatures required.  At all times, the  private key is never exposed.

Get started with DCRM

The DCRM SDK is completely open source. It just takes 3 simple steps to start building the future.

Step 3

Start Building.

Step 2

Join a distributed Network.

Step 1

Download the DCRM SDK

Build powerful applications.

Cross-Chain and Cross-System

Using a decentralized custodian model that holds and transfer assets on behalf of the user across heterogenous chains, the connected possibilities of  blockchain can be fully unleashed in a safe environment protected by the strength of blockchain.

Hot Wallet Liquidity with Cold Wallet Security

DCRM’s distributed key management scheme can be employed as a non-custodial solution for full Defi use cases, or as a secure hot wallet solution for more centralized enterprises--whether they be custodians, exchanges, wallet providers or more.  These solutions can be further enhanced with other use cases of DCRM such as key recovery and compliance checks.

Key Recovery System

By giving users 2-of-3 key shards while the provider keeps 1 and requiring 2-of-3 keys shards to sign a transaction, users are provided  a secure and economically viable multi-sig solution in addition to a key recovery solution.  Users can use 1 shard in conjunction with the 1 held by the provider, and keep their 1 extra shard as backup to restore or even create new keys.

Protection with Multiple Signatures

If you need to introduce protection requiring multiple approvals, regardless if the workflow is on-chain, such as granting a trader access to trade a firm position, or off-chain, such as granting access to sensitive tax documents--all is possible with DCRM.

Settlement Network and Dark Pools

Players within an industry can create a private and efficient settlement network, much like a next generation clearing house or dark pool, where each participant plays a role to strengthen the network against outsiders and against one participant from going rogue.

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