DCRM 5.0 Open-source released!

Fusion Wallet

The Fusion Wallet is a simple interface that enables you to experiment with all of the features and functions that are native to the Fusion Network. Manage, create, enhance, send, receive, time-lock and swap digital assets within an interoperable framework.

Start Managing Assets

Quantum Swap Sandbox

Seamlessly swap any digital asset with any exchange pair and maintain complete control over all of the swap parameters. The swap is efficiently executed within a single transaction with zero additional fees, the only associated cost is the gas price for sending the transaction.

Experiment with Quantum Swap
Asset-Backed Bond

Asset Gateway

Lock-in and lock-out external assets to the Fusion ecosystem, leading to a fully interoperable Ecosystem of Economies.

Connect External Assets to Fusion

Block Explorer

Fully realized block explorer to track transactions, wallet addresses, block height, time-locks and native and external assets.

Track Every Transaction on the Fusion Network
Asset-Backed Bond
Asset-Backed Bond

Network Monitor

Monitor block time, propagation time, gas price, difficulty calculation and other performance metrics on the Fusion Network Monitor. Display your node on the interface and join our global network of staking participants.

Monitor Network Performance
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