Create Asset-Backed Bond

Digitize a building and use it as collateral for a bond. Reach a global network of investors without relying on rent-seeking middle men.

Asset-Backed Bond

License your Song

Digitize a song as an asset and create a variable supply of time-locked tokens. The time-lock period for each token determines how long the song can be played.  sell these tokens to listeners and digital service providers.

Rent your house

Digitize access keys to smart locks for your house and control the exact period of access with time-locked tokens. Integrate this time-based ledger against front-end booking application and remove physical dependencies, such as being present to deliver a key.

Get a Cash Advance on your future revenues

Whether you have an existing revenue stream or will have one in the future, sell a portion of this future revenue for a period of time, in return for cash today.

Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

Quantum swap future time locks between a USD Stable Coin and EUR Stable Coin today at agreed rate.

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